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Getting Her Ring Size


Discovering the perfect finger circumference requires stealth and imagination.  An engagement ring that’s too small won’t pop past the knuckle and a ring with too much room will be designated to the middle finger, spin, or even fall off. Below are some tips on how to get the correct ring size.

 1. Ask a friend for help

This requires caution. Ask the wrong friend, and they may spill the beans. Ask only those most trusted in the inner circle who can keep the secret. 

Plan a grand scheme with a friend or sibling. Tell them that they need to invite her on a shopping date and take her to a jewelry shop. Make sure they try on some rings and get the US ring size of the left ring finger. Voila! She won't even notice it.

2. Ask her mom for help

Ask her mom to steal her ring and take it to a jeweller to find the size. Make sure you know which hand and finger she wears the ring on. It’s best to choose a ring that she wears on her left ring finger so you can accurately measure the size.

3. Bring it up in a conversation 

Most couples discuss engagement before the big proposal. Use conversations to discuss ring styles and preferred metals (yellow gold, rose gold, white gold). Sneak a question about size, but do not make it obvious. Note a ring already on the hand…perhaps on a different finger. Inquire about that particular ring and gain clues to help determine the exact size.

4. Measure using a strip of paper

If all else fails, and there is no other choice, follow the guide below.