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Emerald and Asscher Cut Diamonds


What You Need To Know About Emerald & Asscher Cut Diamonds 

PRICE: By choosing an emerald-cut diamond or asscher cut diamond, you could save 35-40% or choose a larger center stone.

SPARKLE: Not everyone’s into the flashy brilliance of a round diamond. Emerald & asscher-cut diamonds have a more subtle appeal. These fancy cut diamonds reflect light in broad flashes, offering a unique and sophisticated style.

SHAPE & SIZE: The primary difference between emerald cuts and asscher cuts is the shape. Traditional emerald cuts are elongated rectangles with the corners cut out. Asscher cuts are square versions of emerald cuts with more prominently truncated corners. Checking the length to width ratio will help you decide if you want an emerald that is short and stubby, or thin and elongated. In addition, consider the overall shape appeal. Make sure that the shape is symmetrical.

STEP CUT: The cut quality of step-cut diamonds, seen in emerald or asscher cuts, is more subjective than it is for round brilliants. While round brilliant cuts are carefully perfected to provide maximum sparkle, step cuts reflect broad lines, and a number of different angles can create a beautiful pattern of light. Avoid diamonds that show large, dark areas as seen below.