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Princess Cut Diamonds

 What You Need To Know About Princess Cut Diamonds

PRICE: A princess-cut diamond can cost 30% less than a round of equivalent carat weight. This is because of the octahedral shape of a rough diamond. When gem cutters split the rough diamond in half, they can cut two princesses with minimal waste. In contrast, round-cut diamonds waste more rough, so they cost more than princess cuts.

 SPARKLE: Princess cuts can show exceptional brilliance. However, they still don’t live up to the brilliance of round diamonds. So, while princess cuts can have great sparkle, they’ll never sparkle better than an ideal round.

SIZE: If you compare a princess and round diamond of the same carat weight, you’ll see that the round will have a slightly larger face-up surface area. Princess cut diamonds which are perfect square are considered ideal than rectangular ones.

COLOR: Like other squarish diamonds, princess cuts are not good in hiding yellow tinge and inclusions. We suggest that you get princess cut diamonds with at least H to I color, and VS2 clarity. Princess cuts with yellow tinge (JK and below) are best set in yellow gold or rose gold).

DURABILITY: Since the corners of a princess-cut diamond may snag, they’re likely to chip. Make sure the corners are not cracked and should always be protected with prongs to reduce the risk of damage to the stone.