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Round Brilliant Cut

What You Need To Know About Round Diamonds

PRICE: Since rounds are the most popular diamond cuts, they’re also the most expensive. This is especially noticeable at the popular 1.0-ct mark.

SPARKLE: Perfect for classic looks, the round brilliant diamond cut has been carefully engineered to produce maximum sparkle compared to other shapes.

SIZE: Even though this diamond shape won’t have the largest face-up area, its intense sparkle makes it appear bigger than other shapes.

COLOR: Because of its brilliance, round diamonds are really good in concealing the yellow tinge and inclusions, allowing you to get a diamond with lower color or clarity. Round brilliant diamonds in colours I,J, and K will still look good in white gold. While diamonds in colours L, M, and N  are best set in yellow or rose gold.



CUT: A diamond’s cut grade tells how well it’s cut, from a rough crystal to a finished gem. The cut grade covers how much light the stone reflects as well as its fire, and sparkle. It’s the most important contributing factor to a diamond’s beauty. 


Symmetry: You’re probably familiar with “Hearts and Arrows,” but you may not know how to evaluate them. In a perfectly symmetrical, well-cut diamond, a Hearts-and-Arrows viewer will show a symmetrical pattern of arrows from the face-up view of the diamond and hearts from the face-down view. However, simply seeing hearts and arrows isn’t enough. The patterns should be perfectly symmetrical in a super ideal cut diamond, but most dealers will still use the designation “Hearts and Arrows” for less perfectly symmetrical diamonds.


 Super Ideal Cut: If you’re looking at super ideal cut diamonds, you already know that cut quality plays the most important role in a diamond’s beauty. Super ideal cut diamonds have cuts with an extremely high degree of precision and angles that give them superior performance. The cut quality of a super ideal cut diamond goes above and beyond that of the GIA’s “Excellent” grade. Ultimately, angles, proportions and many factors not seen on certificate all have to work together nicely to give a super ideal cut diamond the best performance.

Performance: The three factors of diamond performance are brilliance, dispersion, and scintillation. Brilliance refers to the white light you see. Dispersion, or “fire,” refers to the colored light. Scintillation is the pattern of dark and light areas that “sparkle” as you move the diamond. Brilliance, fire, and sparkle are all important to a diamond’s performance, and the diamonds with the best cuts will show more of these effects. 

Summary: A diamond with a particularly amazing cut will have better sparkle and will actually appear larger than one with an inferior cut. Not all diamonds with excellent cut grade on certificate are truly excellent. Seeing the diamonds in actual and checking its performance with the help of a reliable jeweller is always a great option. The Diamond Finery can help you through the entire process and create the perfect ring to match your ideal diamond.