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When I visited TDF for the first time in Greenbelt 5, I know nothing much about diamonds, but the owner gave me a lecture about diamonds. She said "it doesn't matter if you buy from me or not, but I want to make sure you know what you are buying so you don't get fooled by other sellers." When I stepped out I felt like I was already a diamond guru.

The next few days, she sent me the GIA certificate of her items on stock and over the next few weeks I've started comparing them with other jewelry stores and there was always something off with the other stores. You'd see a lot of diamonds from other shops that are priced even 50% lower, but when you look at the specs and the actual stone there's always something not right.

TDF gives you great value for what you pay for. It wasn't the cheapest, but it surely was a great buy- considering the quality of their stones.

My fiancé is very happy with the engagement ring from TDF.

Robie de Guia

I found The Diamond Finery when I was searching for an engagement ring. I was looking for an ideally cut diamond with parameters that match my budget and they had the one. When I saw the video,  hearts and arrows images, and certificate of the stone, I decided to schedule a viewing. At the shop Ms. Ruby made sure that I knew the 4Cs before I decided to buy anything. It was also nice to see the diamond under a scope so you can verify if the certificate matches the laser inscription on the girdle of the stone. Everything was in order so I ordered the ring which arrived after a wee. My fiancé said yes and we were both happy with the ring. Thank you The Diamond Finery!


That's all I can say about Ms Ruby and The Diamond Finery.

During the viewing, she explained everything I needed to know about diamonds. She clarified on what the 4C's are and why the GIA Certificate is important. Out of all the sellers that I've talked with, she is the only one that made the effort on educating me with all these things since she understands the importance and significance of this purchase. After the discussion, she showed me the diamond that she was planning to sell me and I immediately fell in love with it.

Long story short. Purchased it on the spot and never regretted it. One of the best decisions in my life.

Thank you again Ms Ruby. You deserve a bigger following.
My fiancée also loved the ring :)

Jason Padilla

After scouring multiple jewelry shops for an engagement ring, I can say that TDF is the most bang for the buck jewelry shop. Their gems also are GIA certified which is big plus. The owner was very professional and made sure that I understood the 4 C's of a diamond before commiting on a purchase. Overall experience was superb even the after sales services.

ps. GF said YES! Got engaged last July 8 on our anniversary and GF was shocked on how beautiful the ring was.

Joshua Ala Manalad

From my engagement ring to our wedding rings, The Diamond Finery went above and beyond our expectations! 😭 I smile everytime I look at my finger, they definitely made our dreams come true! 🥺❤️
Grateful to God we met you, Ms Ruby!
God bless always!

Cara Fajardo

I would like thank first how they made one of the most beautiful rings I have ever seen and without a doubt the sparkle it always shows. Thank you Ruby for educating me at first on what we need to look at for in a diamond. She was also on top of the updates even if I know that she has several clients that she needs to attend to. Thank you again

Japy Hautea

Beyond expectation - You will always feel that you are getting more than what your money's worth everytime you purchase from The Diamond Finery. For high quality flawless products to superb customer service, we only trust Ruby and TDF.

Stephen Tabing Recinto

Where we got our beautiful wedding rings! They’re so beautiful that I don’t wear mine cos I’m afraid I’ll scratch it hahaha! Thank you to the owner for being honest. She won’t just let you buy like how they do in commercial stores. She wants to explain diamond characteristics to you first so you can make informed decisions. She’s very particular and meticulous with the diamonds she sells — selective and only sells “the finest” ones. Honestly, her diamonds are the most beautiful we have seen so far. Definitely recommended! 👏🏻

Joanna Bables

We couldn't have found a better shop to have our wedding bands made. Their diamonds are of super high quality, and Ruby gives the best service! Plus, they make the most gorgeous solitaire engagement rings! We are so happy✨

Erika Recomite-Manasan