One of the most crucial parts of buying or commissioning jewelry is getting the size right, especially for rings, since doing it properly the first time means you won’t have to go through the trouble of resizing it.

Getting Your Ring Size

To get your ring size, you may easily set an appointment with The Diamond Finery and visit the store to try on a sizing tool. If your schedule or other factors do not permit you to pay a physical visit to the store, you can attempt to get your size using an online sizing tool or measure your finger against the chart below. You may do this by wrapping a measuring tape around your finger and getting its circumference in centimeters (cm). Next, you simply need to convert your measurement to its corresponding ring size.

Please note: The Diamond Finery follows the U.S. size chart.

Inches MM UK US UE
0.52 12.84 D 2.25 41
0.53 13.57 E 2.75 42
0.55 13.97 F 3.25 44
0.56 14.38 G 3.75 45
0.58 14.88 H 4.25 46
0.59 15.10 I 4.5 47
0.60 15.49 J 5 48.5
0.62 15.90 K 5.5 50
0.64 16.31 L 6 51
0.65 16.71 M 6.5 52
0.67 17.12 N 6.75 53.5
0.69 17.53 O 7 55
0.70 17.93 P 7.5 56
0.72 18.34 Q 8 57
0.73 18.75 R 8.5 58.5

Getting Your Ring Size

If you’re buying a ring for someone else and would like it to be a surprise or you’re planning to propose, getting the receiver’s ring size might be tricky, since even a half millimeter may affect the ring’s outcome and the fit. There are various ways to get crafty with this and still make it pull off shock and awe. Here are some subtle tricks:

  1. Call a friend. Enlist the help of one of her close friends or family members (approach one you’re sure won’t spoil the surprise!) if they would know her ring size. You may also ask them to casually ask for it for you, as not to raise suspicion.

  2. Look at her past purchases. Check her history to see if she had bought any rings in the past and what size they might be or ask if she’s shopped at any past jewelry store before. Then, you can call that store and ask for the record on her ring size.

  3. Borrow one of her rings. Ask one of her family members to secretly borrow a ring from her boudoir or jewelry box—make sure it’s one she won’t miss!—and take this to The Diamond Finery store or use the chart above to get the circumference of her ring finger.

  4. Casually bring it up in a conversation. There’s a chance this method might give away the surprise, but if you’re careful enough, you can slip it into a conversation during one of your date nights. And since some couples are straightforward with their talks of marriage or weddings, you can also just ask her for her ring preferences and size directly.

  5. Take her ring shopping! Bring her to a jewelry store and shop for everyday fashion or costume jewelry.

  6. Borrow our ring sizer. Have her family or close friends bring it up in casual conversation and have them all try the ring sizer, including the fiancée to be.